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Parent PR & digital Marketing

Whether you’re a Dad wanting to get into digital, a pet parent ready to be fetch or a mama looking to detonate your online presence; Bloggamamas has the network for you.

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Why The Bloggamamas?

Social Media

Whether it’s dealing with the monotony of admin, managing your accounts or enhancing your brand strategy via guided social media set up, we’re ready to offer stress-free, guidance and advice. Time poor? We've social media management packages for as little as £10 a day!

Reviews & Testimonials

Pick from our database of bloggas, beta testers and product reviewers for those all-important testimonials and referrals.

Surveys & Newsletters

From basic briefs mighty surveys and newsletters are grown.

Influencers & Campaigns

Bespoke campaigns and an infinite pool of influential blogga mamas and papas specialising in multiple industries.

Copy Writing

No time to blog, need articles yesterday? We've SEO friendly articles ready on the fly from experienced and specialist copy writers.

Content Creation

We can help you curate and create anything from grid images and reels to ghost copy and hero videos.

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Meet The Team

Naomi Oikonomou

Our original collaborative bloggamama and chief content creator. Naomi has worked across multiple sectors from retail and veterinary to construction and education creating original content to detonate campaigns with the likes of Marc Jacobs, Lenovo and Cath Kidston to name but a few!
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Giannis Oikonomou

Co-founder & Web Developer

Responsible for the entire set up and maintenance of all our Blogga networks. If you can imagine it, Giannis can make it happen in the Matrix.

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Samuel Jenkins

Digital illustrator & Editor

An artistic wizard, with the super power to conjur up next level digital creativity from sketches and comic strips to musical montages and out of this world ghost copy.

Sophie Smith


A collaborative blogger and mum’fluencer over at MightMumClub. Sophie helps put together all the fun features for our newsletters.

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Join the team and list your services here. We work 100% remotely and on a project by project basis, so you can select when and what you take on according to your availability. 

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Learn To Earn: Media Kit tutorials on what to include to secure campaigns

Sign up to our members-only portal for just £9.99 a year to recieve exclusive courses, guides & content packages including free, downloadable media kit templates.


An A-Z index of all the latest bloggas. Cutting out the middle man to effortlessly connect brands with influencers. List your blogga details today, this service is absolutely FREE!


Whether you're a brand looking to connect with parents or a blogga looking for exposure, come help support our FREE parental Podcast by booking advertising space on one of our episodes. We've packages starting from as little as £15. Email:

Featured Blog-Fam

Mum of 3 sharing life in Loughton, Essex and the highs and lows of motherhood as well as everyday life with her family. Kate started blogging to help others realise they weren’t alone if they don’t find parent life easy.

Erica is The Incidental Parent. A school run loathing, swear word using, forty-something mum of two boys.  Primarily blogging to share all her personal thoughts and feelings on just about anything. Her natural habitat is a watering hole somewhere on Facebook.

Mama Noma is a multi-award winning, former BBC Master Chef Semi-Finalist and Nutrionalist. One of our original #DontKeepMum supporters, Noma is also the founder and creator of health and well-being blog NomaCreates.

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More Information?

Fill out your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.